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    Rare Carl Zeiss 8 x 60.

  • The U-Boat Commanders Glass.
    The German U-boat binoculars are the best binoculars ever produced by Zeiss.
    They were specially developed for the U-boat divisions and possessed the highest quality.
    The Commander Glass was introduced in 1943, and therefore was only produced for ca two years.
    From old archive photo’s it is clear that by no means every U-boat commander
    had one; relatively few have been produced.
    These were waterproof and came with internal focus adjustment.
    These binoculars come with foldable eye cups on hinges: to be able to clean the lenses easily,
    and to be able to watch through the viewer wearing glasses.
    Optics: crystal clear, sharp image with high contrast!
    White complete history.
    Waterproof construction
    Screw driver adjustable internal focusing
    Cast alloy body with textured yellow green paint
    Benutserkappe ocular rain guard
    Serial numbers present BLC 49555
    Porro I prism with violet coated lenses
    Weight 2.60 Kg
    Height 222mm approx
    Width 240mm approx
    Field of view 9.1 degrees
    Objective diameter 60mm
    Light transmission 65%

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  • £4000 Paid For These Cased Long 8X60s

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The correct marketing of 8X60 Binoculars is an important issue. We would like our customers to know that when we make a purchase the future preservation of these fine instruments is assured. The process of  how we arrive at our buying price can be explained to customers. Broadly speaking market popularity,rarity and condition are the governing factors  in formulating our offers.

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