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World War 2 Leather Flight Jackets

Do you have a World War 2 leather flight jacket?

Have you ever wondered what it is worth to serious collectors?

WW2buyer.com represent Museums, Investors and collectors of historic jackets and related military items.

By having such buyers as our clients, knowing their strengths and studying  market trends we can make you an immediate offer, (usually within hours! )

No matter where in the world you are located, we are ready to make a purchase.

We are especially interested in the Type A-2 and Type B-3 jackets used by the US Army Air Force during the 1930’s and 1940’s.

Bomber & fighter pilots were issued these jackets. Regardless of the condition of the jacket, size, type of patches or painting on it, we are always interested! By emailing, mailing or texting us photos of the jacket and any related equipment, we can quickly determine a value. In the event of your choosing to sell we can credit your “Paypal”account and cover fees and all shipping charges.

Please feel free to call or text us at +44-7860-747027 or email davidmatteybuyer@gmail.com

The Type A-2 jacket was made by 18 different makers from 1931 to 1943. While there were small differences in the way the different companies made the A-2, it always had to follow a strict set of guidelines.

While not all of the companies that made the A-2 put their name on the label, the ones that did were; Rough Wear Clothing;

Security Aviation Togs,

J.A. Dubow Mfg Co,

Monarch Mfg Co,

Fried Ostermann;

Perry Sportswear Inc,

Weber Leather Coat Co,

Aero Leather Clothing Co,

Star Sportswear Mfg Co,

Cable Raincoat Co,

S.H. Knoph Mfg,

HLB Corp, Bronco Mfg Co,

I. Spiewak & Sons,

David D. Doniger & Co,

Cooper Sportswear Mfg Co,

United Sheeplined Clothing Mfg Co

and Poughkeepsie Leather Coat Co

. Sometimes the ID label will be missing from an A-2, making it very difficult to determine who made it and its size. While this detail seems trivial it does affect the value of the jacket greatly in a negative way. There are times when the tags are very hard to read as well. If you are not sure your A-2 is new or old or would just like to receive an offer, please contact Nation’s Attic. We can be reached at 316-371-1828 via phone or text or email us at davidmatteyuyer@gmail.com

The Type B-3 bomber jacket or coat was issued to crews serving on high altitude bombers before and during World War 2. These sheepskin coats are very heavy duty and warm at any tempature! Today they are somewhat difficult to find in excellent condition. If you have one regardless of condition call us for an immediate offer .