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Knife Amnesty?

Yesterday I noticed an elderly couple viewing a first world war bayonet that formed part of  display in our store.

knife amnesty

 I inquired as to what their interest was and the lady informed me that she had handed in to the police such a bayonet only the previous day. Inevitably the question of value arose and when I informed her she was clearly surprised. Possible driven by the  frustration she tried to defend her action. She rightly said  that should such an item fall into the wrong hands it would be lethal. I countered by asking her if she had handed in her kitchen knives ?

WW2 observe the strictest procedures when selling weapons we only sell face to face !

If you have dangerous looking weapons contact us we will pay the market value and arrange safe collection   and shipping procedures.

  limitations of online only “Militaria”Dealing .

The growth of on-line marketing of militaria has been revolutionary.

Traditional store based dealers have in most cases moved away from running their  shops , opting for operating with low overheads from home.”Online only”

The experience of the new generation of collector is  one of online buying with perhaps an occasional visit to a Militaria show.

Militaria fairs function as a showcase for online dealers but represent far less in terms of providing direct sales than in the past.

The laws relating to the sale and movement of knives and swords on-line are set to change as are those relating to the sale and payment of deactivated weapons.

Likely regulation of  the industry .

Discretion of the traditional shopkeeper when selling  deactivated automatic pistols or fighting knives restricted abuse.

Websites run in some cases by juveniles themselves offer knives and deactivated pistols for sale to anyone?

With cyber selling there is no eye contact between vendor and customer. The age and temperament  of the buyer cannot be determined.

My proposal

my proposal suggested on the 24/12/12 goes someway to avoid the fatal outcome of  deactivated gun misuse

Amendments to the printed deactivation certificates .

All future deactivation certificates should carry at the top of the page


         This Weapon has been deactivated to UK legal standards.

  For  purposes of display at home , historic educational displays ,and theater work .

                 If carried or used to intimidate in the prosecution of crime it will by law be classed as a

live firearm which will carry a mandatory prison sentence.

              Deactivated weapons should  be  totally covered  when in transit  to or from dealers.


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